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Name: McCovey Chronicles
Description: Giants, Giants, Giants
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Date Added: 2005-02-17 15:23:31
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Giants walk off in spring training opener
This was the first walk-off comeback homer since Angel Pagan’s inside-the-park homer in 2013. That is not hyperbole. The Giants didn’t come from behind in a single ninth inning last year. You can read about this in the Baseball Prospectus 2017 Annual (Brisb...

Baseball America ranks Giants’ farm system 24th
We’ve heard this before, but here’s why it’s still important. The Giants’ have a deep farm system right now. The Giants don’t have a widely regarded farm system right now. Both can be true, even if they seem mutually exclusive. It’s not a problem, the wise Giants fan chuckles, beca...

Open GameThread, 2/24
IT’S HERE. Season ON! #SFGSpring— SFGiants (@SFGiants)

Here is the first starting lineup of the 2017 Giants season
It’s real. Baseball is happening. There will be baseball today. Crack of the grass, smell of the bat. There will be baseball, and players will run around, with Giants broadcasters telling you how they’re running around. It’s not raining today. It’s quite sun...

The Giants have finally paid off their debt service
They own a ballpark now. They can start tearing up the floors and everything. Some of you twits don’t even remember Candlestick Park. And I’m not just talking about the precocious teenagers among us. There are people who can legally drink, yet don’t have a single memory of a home Giants ...

Predicting the Barney Nugent Award
Formerly known as the Harry S. Jordan award At the end of every spring training, Giants players, coaches, and trainers vote on the "player in his first big league camp whose performance and dedication in Spring Training best exemplifies the San Francisco Giants spirit." So I thought, hey, would...


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