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Name: Over The Monster
Description: A blog devoted to the 2004 World Series Champions
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Date Added: 2005-02-22 19:18:40
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Red Sox 7, Twins 2: Sale, Selsky, Bennie lead the way
We’re starting Andrew Benintendi’s MVP campaign. Right here. Now. It’s all falling into place. With a lineup that will strongly resemble the one on Opening Day, the Sox did some serious damage this afternoon against the ...

Red Sox vs. Twins lineups: Here’s (basically) the Opening Day lineup
We have a glimpse of what the lineup card could look like when the Red Sox open their season. We’re in the home stretch of spring training, and with the roster getting trimmed down we’re getting closer and closer to seeing lineups full of regulars on the field. On Sunday, the

Red Sox spring training: Another round of roster cuts
We’re getting closer to the Opening Day roster Spring training is almost over. The last game in Fort Myers will be this coming Thursday, which will be followed by a game in Washington and another contest against the Nationals

A Red Sox Fan’s Guide to the 2017 Fantasy Baseball Season
Don’t let your fanhood get in the way of collecting those fantasy duckets. As we come ever closer to baseball season, there is another season that will get underway as well. That would be fantasy baseball season. Maybe not the juggernaut of a cultural phenomenon that its foo...

Red Sox at Rays, vs. Phillies lineups: Divide and conquer
Two games for the price of... well, two. You know those Red Sox that are, like, double Red Sox? Those are the best, and we’ve got said split-squad action today, folks. Some of the Red Sox will take on the

Red Sox 2, Blue Jays 3: I was saying Drew earns (runs)
But not all hope is lost for Big Pom. A week ago, it looked like Drew Pomeranz was in line to miss the start of the season. A few hours ago, it looked like he might not get out of the first inning. Now he says he...

Red Sox at Blue Jays lineup: The rest of the best
The Sox roll out a reserve-heavy lineup today. It’s a light day in Red Sox Nation. A day after Dustin Pedroia raised his spring average to .500 and

Predicting the 2017 Red Sox with Out of the Park Baseball
How does the sim game see Boston’s year going? Out of the Park Baseball came out this week, which usually means I’ve done literally nothing but play Out of the Park Baseball. Being on vacation, I haven’t played as much as years past, but I’ve still gotten a chance to mess around with ...

FanPost Friday - Favorite Baseball Game?
There are many ok video games out there for baseball, some are even passable. There’s also the excellent MLB the Show series. Which is your favorite? This week, with only two FanPost Fridays separating us from the regular season, we do something relevant, ask what your favorite baseball video...

2017 Red Sox top prospect voting: Trey Ball’s last chance
Can Trey Ball finally make good on at least some of his potential? Well, based on the comment sections on the posts leading up to this entry, this is going to be something of a controversial pick. Despite his current capital-B Bust status, Trey Ball comes in as our number 17 prospect. He...

Daily Red Sox Links: Dave Dombrowski, Steven Wright, Sandy Leon
Today Dombrowski gets some grades, Wright feels better and Leon becomes starter. The Dave Dombrowski era has been highlighted by no shortage of major trades, as Dombrowski has no problem pulling the trigger. But how does he grade as President of Baseball Operations? (


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