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Name: Camden Chat
Description: A blog and online community devoted to coverage of the Baltimore Orioles.
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Related Team(s): Orioles
Related Sports(s): Baseball
Date Added: 2005-03-13 09:08:27
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Saturday Bird Droppings
Only one baseball game today, and it doesn't include the Orioles. C'est la vie. I Read The News Today, Oh, Boy... Orioles Rank Third In ESPN MLB Ultimate Standings " CBS B...

Thanks to Manny, Orioles remain #blessed at third base
His imperfect second half to 2016 shouldn’t disqualify Manny Machado from having further established himself as one of baseball’s best overall players. Funny enough, I received a random text from my dad the other day saying a family friend of ours “thinks (Nolan) Arenado is bette...

Friday Bird Droppings: Brach recovering after stealth surgery
So, the World Series is totally going to end up being Cleveland and Chicago, right? One way or another, some sad sack city that hasn't won a title in years is going to prevail. Good for them. Who do you think feels worse about lett...

NLCS Game 5 Open Thread
I don't know about you, but I discovered when I was watching the NLCS last night, after the Blue Jays had been ejected from the postseason like a beer can-throwing fan, that I don't really care who wins this series all that much. It doesn't matter. Before, it was like, "Well, who's going to beat t...

The Orioles shouldn’t trade Zach Britton because they aren’t losers
The Orioles traded closer Jim Johnson when he got expensive. Zach Britton is better than Johnson was, so who cares what he costs? There are 29 MLB teams who would like to have Zach Britton be their closer. Only the Orioles get to have him, or at least for the next two seasons. If the Orioles de...

J.J. Hardy’s 2016 a welcome return to health and stability
J.J. Hardy is no spring chicken, but his 2016 was a pleasant bounce back as he continued to impress defensively. Born on August 19, 1982, J.J. Hardy was the oldest player to put on an Orioles uniform this season. He was also the oldest regular shortstop in the American League this seaso...

Thursday Bird Droppings: Where the enemies of Birdland are all vanquished
There's no Orioles news in the middle of the postseason, but the last great Orioles foe - the Blue Jays - was defeated. In today's links, on the price of Mark Trumbo, the lack of steals, and some high school Orioles earn another crown. Hello, friends. There are now 165 days remaining until ...


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