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Name: Al's Ramblings
Description: Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts
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Date Added: 2003-09-15 16:35:13
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Scooter wil certainly be able to play LF if goodness, Adam Dunn played several seasons of corner OF. Chris Carter played lots of LF before he spnt all season at 1B for the Crew. Will he play deep, and probably be conservative? Yep. His below average arm won't help, but as Khris Davis showed, weak arms do not cost you a plethora of runs, though you give up a base no...

Dissent has gone from patriotic, to racist, and now back to patriotic...dependent only on which party is in the White House. Heh. And the old media is greatly puzzled as to why they're losing readers and why their approval ratings are falling. I think I know...

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Act 10 is so terrible, and has worked so poorly...other states are using it as a role model. Keep selling that tale, Dems. Please. By the way, every time there's a teaching opening in our district, 50-100 folks apply. Seems that "shortage" we were told would certainly occur might have been just a wee bit overstated... As I said after Devos w...

Walker's tuition reduction is a great idea, never mind what the guy from Brookfield says. You'd throw out goofy opinions too if you knew you would get 65% of the vote if you said Hitler was a heckuva guy. Make the system find the savings. They lied to us for years about their fiscal situation, and probably still are. Cut some fat and earn your keep. I'll start worrying about colle...

Funny, I don't recall myself or any other Republican hoping Obama's economic hodgepodge of spending and taxation would not work. Note: You may say, "Al, but you knew it wouldn't." Guilty. It never does.

Higher taxes lead to fewer jobs? The hell you say. As the article says, who could have seen this coming? Anyone who has ever read a book on economics. I'm sure the tax is not raising nearly as much as they thought it would either. People vote with their feet, and their wallets. The left simply can't believe that those pesky rubes are simply driving a few miles to the suburbs to buy t...

That's a shame. If they'd try reporting the news, they'd be fine. The only thing that I like more than this is the hand wringing it causes.

Sheriff Clarke is correct...and the fact she did not mind said travel vetting when Obama issued the same thing a few years earlier tells you all you need to know...unpatriotic hypocrites rarely make good defenders of freedom. Don't let the door... Take a gander at

I get the point, but guys that just had knee surgery tend to have only a fraction of their actual value.

The New York Times posting an editorial to stop demonizing Trump voters is irony on crack. He's right though. Republicans did not win the election for Trump...independents, moderates, and Reagan Dems (in 20 years, will they call them Trump Dems?) did. I voted for McCain and Romney...I was not the difference. Those folks that voted for Obama twice...or did not vote...

I remember this well, mostly because the left insisted it never happened. It would still be labeled a conspiracy theory had the video not popped up.

Another immigrant punished for not showing up to work. That said, since he's successful and wealthy, he should be punished. This is quite a quandary for those on the left...

I wonder why so many people are lonely and unhappy? Because they're miserable, negative creatures. As Ed says, just try not to shake your head and chuckle. Money quote: "And, I am happy to report, I am also a fairly happy, confident person." Yes, of course. That would explain all the random screaming. If she was ecstatic, she'd probably be suicidal. On ...

150 games on FSW and 4 more on Fox or FS1. Considering FSW usually adds a couple games to make up for rain outs and MLB sometimes carries the weekday matinees that FSW passes on, there will probably be less than a handful of untelevised games. EDIT: Adam says the Labor Day game is on ESPN as well. 

Thought I'd wait until today to comment on the Badgers, since many of my initial thoughts I had watching the game were not true in looking at the box score. Facts: UW actually had one less turnover than Ohio State did. I assume the Buckeyes scored more points off these, including some 3's in the first half. Ohio State had a pair more offensive rebounds, but that was not as many as I would have thought. Lots of talk from Gard and the team that they were not tou...

Bucks sign Alex Toupane to a 10 day contract. Wing who has been scoring 20 points a game in the D League, despite only shooting 32% from 3. Looks to be a slasher, shooting 54% in 2 point attempts, and getting to the line an amazing 10 times a game in 28 minutes a game. Granted, I'm sure the defense is hack and grab at that level, but golly. I'm a bit surprised they did not sign a point guard, though...

It must really bother the sky is falling folks that insist we're all deplorable racists that public optimism is the highest in 12 years, and have gone from pessimism under Obama to optimism under Trump. Money quote: While media pundits, fat-cat corporate CEOs and urban liberals are wailing and gnashing their teeth over Trump's election, the general public understands th...

True, but he forgot to give Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, and Syngenta the credit they deserve. Many folks complain about the agricultural chemical companies, but if you'll note, they always do so with a full belly. 

Quote of the year...if unions provided value, people would pay dues voluntarily. Through all the facade of giving a damn about the kids (that's why they called in sick so parents had to scramble for daycare and poor kids lost a hot meal you know), Act 10 was all about one thing...the ability to deduct dues directly from the checks of those awful few that would prefer keeping the money they earned.

Unilever pays some marketing company or a host of their own people a bonanza of cash, and this is the best they can do. The horror.

We must end private prisons in America. Corporations should not be profiting by incarcerating our fellow Americans.--Bernie Sanders Sanders is against both profit and fiscal responsibility, so this is an especially bothersome topic to him. Considering private companies save taxpayers money with no downside, this is why they lose.

You mean they aren't always right? Shocking. Especially when they can be bought if the money is right.

I forget who said it, but I assume the fictional Trump anti Jewish talk is because of the real remarks made by Keith Ellison, who despite his proven past of racism, is up for leadership positions in the Dem party, because their bench is so strong.

Largest tax hike in WV history, proposed by governor who said he would never raise taxes, who has been in office a month. Raising taxes $450M, cutting spending $26M. Gee, what do you suppose they'll do with the difference? My guess? Spend it frivolously. This is what makes us appreciate Governor Walker so.

Heh. 1. Protest fatigue much? 2. Are they protesting freedom? The Constitution? That they are in the minority? pathetic.

Cavs will look to try and sign both Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut after they are released and/or bought out by their respective clubs. To a contender, this is an exciting time of year.

Badgers a 7-8 point pick at Ohio State tonight. I expect a tough game. Purdue almost lost at Penn State a couple nights ago, and Minnesota went into Maryland last night and got a W...MICH and MIN may be playing as well as anyone in the conference as of today.

Some wise man made a similar comparison a while back. I can't remember who that was, but he is very intelligent and extremely handsome. Let's hope for a comparable outcome as well. I have said for decades that protesting and losing elections are connate activities. It plays poorly with the rubes that work for a living. EDIT:

Weather Underground--8-13 inches of snow Accuweather--5-11 Barely a flake of snow left on the ground, except where the piles were. I guess that will be short lived. 

Bucks also created a $5M trade exception in dealing Hibbert. Teams can acquire a player without sending out matching salary if that player's salary fits within that trade exception, plus $100,000.--Basketball Insiders The Bucks now have 4 trade exceptions, though they expire a year after the original trade. Most do expire without being used, but they can sometimes be utilized in a...

Two years ago, he correctly forecast exactly what would happen. Crazy like a fox. Many will continue to underestimate him. There's nothing better for him and the party. 

NBA deadline has passed, and as always, 98% of rumors do not happen. Hibbert deal one of top 3 biggest, as sad as that is.

Cleveland's Andrew Bogut interest is well-chronicled but sources say San Antonio /Houston will join the hunt if Bogut lands a Philly buyout.--ESPN For those that don't understand this, players with next to no value at their current contract level will have oodles of value if suddenly available at or near the league minimum or veteran's minimum. Bogut is one of many, and after the deadline, the buyouts always begin in earnest. Teams are able to shed unwanted players and pick...

Roy Hibbert (for those that did not know it, he was acquired by the Bucks for Plumlee) heading to the Nuggets for a future draft pick. DEN needed to add salary or be in violation of the league's salary floor, Bucks free up a roster spot and are are now able to balance the roster a bit and/or participate in the upcoming buyout frenzy, as teams cut loose players they do not want anymore (unless they make a trade in the next 5 minutes). EDIT: Said pick is "heavily protected" meaning M...

I'm literally bathing in liberal hate. Churchill: You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.--Senator Chris McDaniel Exactly. They are always the toughest on those they are most terrified of. Nothing they hate more than people that actually believe in something.


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