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Name: Al's Ramblings
Description: Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts
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Date Added: 2003-09-15 16:35:13
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Imagine what the numbers would be if the old media was unbiased.

People vote with their feet. And by going to suburbs to buy carbonated beverages. I always find it funny when liberals think they can "soak the rubes" and the rubes outsmart them. And the left NEVER sees it coming.

Fact check: True.

The pope is one demented fella. Every time he says something, he loses any credibility he once had.

Very interesting. One of these numbers is all but identical to what I came up with.

DC Everest police officer was shot and killed and 3 civilians killed today, shooter is in custody, but apparently survived.

Supposedly, the House GOP is still working on compromises in order to pick up the support they need. So many are saying it won't pass (or come to a vote) it's difficult to believe they are all wrong. I hated it at first, but now feel it's better than what's currently in place, and supposedly, there's more steps to come. However, if so many intelligent fiscal conservatives are against it, it's difficult to be excited about it passing or upset about it failing. As I have said, I woul...

Two Kings out tonight with injuries, and two out for "rest." I'm sure the Bucks will happily take it. They are not proud, and neither am I.

A police officer and at least two others were shot today in the Rambling area, as every single location is within 10 minutes of the Rambling domicile. By reading between the lines, I would say that number is probably 4, as the shooter's apartment was raided about 5PM by a SWAT team, and several shots were heard on this video. The Salvation Army ...

Yes, there's no one I trust more than the extremely liberal DC elite to monitor the internet for "the truth." Remember, Hillary was the healthiest person on the planet until her security team threw in her in the back of the van like a bag of rock salt. Not only were they used to it, they had seen it so many times, they didn't even bother taking her to the ho...

Can we actually fix how government has ruined health care? I'm a firm believer the free market can fix anything. However, Meghan McCain was right that Obamacare made health care an entitlement, and to many, the government not only owes them healthcare, but needs to pay for it for them as well. The thing that really irritates me is how few people are affected by it, yet the plethora of coverage it gets. ...

The Rambling son and wife are both in lockdown mode after an incident at a local bank today. I blame Trump. EDIT: I was charging my phone and I put it on airplane mode for an hour because I read it charges quicker. Sure enough, it does, but I missed all the action. If I see a lone gunman, I'll call the authorities. 

Brewers release Joba, Webb. They both might well have had opt out dates, a day in their contract where they either had to be added to the 40 man roster, told they had made the 25 man roster, or had the right to choose free agency. Or, the Crew might have just knew they were not in the running for a roster spot (barring injuries) and decided to cut them loose to give them a chance to...

The one thing Tomi Lahren has shown? The pro life folks in the GOP don't seem to be interested in opening their arms and welcoming pro choicers who agree on the entire platform, minus one. I can't see the forest, there's too many trees in the way.

This is what the Dept of Ag spends our money on. The term "money wasted" seems to fit here as it does with most expenditures.

Hollywood is so out of touch with most of the US, it's scary. There are people who will happily pay $30 to see a movie at home before it hits the theaters...but very few of them. To the elites in LA/NY, they know most of them, so they think they are everywhere.

Granted, if there's anyone who understands twisting the truth, Susan Rice is that person. It's like they forget that they lied from the minute they began and continue to this day. Rewriting history is not nearly as effective as they hoped.

Too busy dotting i's and crossing t's one would suspect. Government tends to work very slowly and with job security in mind. Fixing problems is not as important as having problems to fix.

Down 49 pounds since JAN22, which I guess is 58 days. I had an appointment with my doc yesterday and he had a student working with him who I talked to for about 10 minutes first. She said something I've never heard before...losing weight is 80% what you eat and 20% what you do. Both said I was doing great and I didn't need to return for 6 months, barring problems on my end. By the way, a trip to the clinic is far more enjoyable when 2 of the 3 people you chat with are pretty young ...

Bucks win one in Portland, who had won 5 in a row and are fighting for the 8th spot in the other conference. 3-2 on their western trip with 1 left. Lots of years, they have had 1-5 or 0-6 trips, barely being in most games.

The best available pitcher beyond Quintana, surmised two sources, is Junior Guerra, the Milwaukee Brewers starter who had a standout rookie season last year – as a 31-year-old.--Yahoo That is a very weak SP market...wait until some guys get hurt. 

Rand Paul says the Ryan health plan will be pulled if they are not able to secure the votes before THU, which makes perfect sense to me. That makes perfect sense to me. If they can't get the votes, they'll pull it and begin fresh.

This will spark more Braun to LA rumors, though we have heard nothing on that front since that trade failed to take place last deadline. Many said I was a darn fool when I said he'd stay, as his 10/5 rights kick in this May and the Crew is very deep in OF's. It made perfect sense for him to be dealt...almost too much. But his relationship with Mark A and the organi...

Grilled burgers and brats tonight, and I somehow missed the handle (or my hand slipped off, I'm not sure) on top when I went to pull it shut, and my left pinkie tip/side touched the top of the grill, which I estimate was 7 zillion degrees. Happened over an hour ago, and despite lots of running cold water on it, it still hurts. Never had a burn hurt that long, and I'm surprised nothing shows, not even red, never mind a blister or anything.

The local sports just had their all area girls basketball team. One of the gals hit 88% of her FT's, another 90%. That makes the Happ and Hayes numbers even more painful.

With the kijillions of dollars we spend on education, you'd think kids that went to school would do better than those who, for lack of a better word, were "unschooled." The way I see the scorecard, public school kids don't do as good as those that are home schooled, and do the same as those who don't get an actual education other than exploring what interests them. That's about as damning as anything I've ever seen or...

The left needs to own every one of these examples of incredibly stupid behavior, almost all of which seem to promote violence. When you promote an atmosphere of bitching about everything instead of trying to fix the problem, well, this is what you get. It's different when they do it.

I think the NBA is making too big of a deal about this. You can't tell teams to do what's not in their best interest. I thought the Bucks should "punt" SAT night when they played Golden State, give Middleton, Giannis, maybe Terry the night off and allow them to take a 2-3 day stretch off before they have to play PORT/SAC back to back. I may have looked foolish when they go...

The surge in optimism among businesspeople is overwhelming. The left worries about the Court and Russia claims. Regular folks shrug and go to work, longing to pay less in taxes and hoping their job is secure.

She's right. Grocery shopping already has changed. And it continues to do so. In 5 years, the environment will look as strange to us as today's would to someone a century ago, when the shopkeeper took your list and filled your order for you. Years ago, when we lived in the Twin Cities, there was a company that delivered groceries by truck, and left them ...

David Denson, the Brewers' minor leaguer who announced he is gay last year, has retired.

Several of you have asked when my projections will be out. Offense is done, still adjusting pitching.

It's simply off the charts when you consider what a terrible person she is...and still working for the Dems. Loyalty over character and ability.

A nicely written recap of the health care bill and where we stand. I, like most fiscal conservatives, hated it when it was first introduced. Then, after reading details and seeing Ryan's power point, I realized that it was far better than original Obamacare, even if it was not the free market proposal I would have preferred. I ...

What's astounding is, the dude many insisted was the smartest man alive, has shown complete ignorance (or, the idea that if you don't like the results, it will not be affected) over supply and demand, an incredibly simple concept that I learned in high school, and had drilled into my head for several semesters of ECON in non stuck up; public, state colleges in flyover country, where many bitter hard...

The sportsbooks were printing money, thanks to the upsets, including the Badgers. What's the old rule of thumb? 55% of the underdogs cover the spread, but 55% of the money is bet on the favorites. That alone gives the casinos a 15% edge (since they only pay out an average of $100 on every $110 bet.

I started to read this, but saw a link with a pretty woman in a tank top and forgot who I was.


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