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Ann says it's kind of sad the best they can do against Gorsuch is say that he is against suicide. I was just thinking it's kind of sad the best they can do is be against him because they think, are guessing, kind of predicting that he could/might be against abortion. Let's be honest here. They're against anyone Trump would nominate, because they're bullies that aren't getting thei...

For those wondering, the "protesters" in Berkley are protesting a conservative speaker. That would mean they are protesting free speech and the Constitution, from what I can tell, you know, not being a raging loon. Somehow, I don't think this will play well in the red states...the red states that continue to get more red.

University of California-Berkeley campus is in turmoil right now - Protesters are breaking windows and starting fires.--Tucker Carlson Don't come to the feds for any cash. Bad behavior doesn't get bullies what they want anymore. 

Crowd size that no one can argue.

Why don't protesters go make a change in their community by being proactive instead of yelling at others to fix their problems for them?--Katelyn Hagen Amen.

One more sign this is the anti Obama presidency. Before you know it, he'll be sending reps to law enforcement's funerals, but not criminals. What a rebel!

Rex Tillerson confirmed. The sun is still shining here, but I assume that's only because it takes 8 seconds for sunlight to reach the planet. Enjoy your time before the world comes to an end.

Heh. Just like the homeless roamed the streets en masse before Obama became president. You always know they're getting desperate when they insist on rewriting history.

President George HW and Barbara Bush will toss the coin before the Super Bowl Sunday.

Meghan McCain shared today that Ellen complained she was "forced" to have Senator John McCain on her show, never mind that he's a revered war hero and very moderate member of the grand old party. Geesh. To many, it doesn't matter who you are as long as you have a R after your name, you're considered evil.

He's already been confirmed before, so any delay is just politics...which, of course, is all the left knows.

Heh. This is exactly true and is exactly what I have pointed out often. Similar to the anti war protests...they aren't anti war, they're anti Republican.


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