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The old media tries to prove how independent and unbiased they are by misquoting and misconstruing what W said to make them look more independent and unbiased. Despite all their practice, it's off the charts how bad they are at it.

It's simply amazing what a good guy Trump was before he became a's almost as if it was by design...

That's a shame. The hell with him. And all his military and America hating brethren. I sure don't recall such hatred in 2009. That's how I know I'm on the right side.

More people watched the president speak and the analysis afterwards on Fox News than any other channel...including the broadcast networks. I would imagine before long some math whiz will pick up on the fact that it's silly to let Fox News be the only network that does not lean to the left. Of course, I suppose they figure those hicks in flyover country don't really matter... ADDED: Trump gets higher ratings than the Oscars. That noise you hear? Most likely, a liberal wee...

If this was the Trumps, they'd break into regular programming to announce it. As is, the old media will cite the same "privacy issue" that led them to ignore the fact Johnny Edwards was cheating on his cancer stricken wife the entire 2008 presidential campaign. Because they're fair and unbiased and shut up.

One point being discussed today is how the president went "to the left of the Dems," as two of his main talking points were "paid parental leave" and "better (or at least less crappy) health insurance," many are attributing their "suck on a lemon" looks to them saying "Damn it, I can't believe these are his ideas and not ours." I'm not a fan of mandating a paid leave like this myself, because: 1. I'm a believer in freedom. 2. While relatively easy for most com...

As I said almost a decade ago, there is no need for experience, as Obama threw all that out the window, given his lack of ever doing anything except going to school and being a rabble rouser. Note how Oprah can mention this and no one bats an eye, because as pointed out nonstop, the Dems' depth is almost nonexistent.

Almost too many links and thoughts to discuss today. A few thoughts and a couple things to look at and, if you are like me at least, laugh and laugh and laugh. --I did not watch the speech, as I rarely do, as it's easier to read the recap and bullet points (hopefully, no one was offended by that firearms reference) the next day. However, the near unanimous kudos of it leaves only the extreme partisan hacks tryi...

I hate to appear heartless (actually, it's kind of my niche), but is a bird a day worth any kind of study or, any type of concern at all? If they ever found out my childhood home's large living room window resulted in the death of at least a couple dozen birds a summer, I can only imagine the outrage.

Heh. True.

An oldie but a goodie. Funny because it's true.

Republicans are hesitant to have town halls because of paid and/or organized protesters. Dems are afraid to have town halls because voters will be there. The other night on the local news, they were at the local labor temple, who had decided to have a complaint fest and had invited Sean Duffy and Ron Johnson...neither decided to attend, so they complained about that too. Of course, the labor temple would v...

I'm telling you, there isn't anything left to cut.


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