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I'm sure Melissa Harris Perry, who proudly made fun of Mitt Romney's family because he had black grandchildren, would happily point out that the white boy don't look a thing like the black one...but of course, she's an awful person.

Turnovers and missed free throws devastate the Badgers late. So disappointed in Hayes. So lazy with the inbounds, and hasn't improved an iota since his sophomore season, to be honest, he's regressed. Reminds me of Sam Okey's career, so much potential missed out on. EDIT: Quick clarification, Nigel is still probably a 2nd or 3rd team all Big Ten player. It's just that he was better two years ago than he is now. Guys that peak at 20, whether it be in life or basketball...a...

My neighbor is right...Planned Parenthood is Abortion Inc. That's not all bad mind you, but I do wish they would stop arguing they do stuff they do not.

Counsell says they are looking at 7 SP's, but it is tough to imagine Milone beating out any of the other 6, barring injury. If you look at the way the rotation is set up for March, the odd men out would seem to be Nelson and Milone, if all stay healthy. I assume this was done purposefully, as Jimmy has a pair of options left, and Milone can be moved to the bullpen if ne...

Fact check: True. It's easy to believe in something when you're making $17M, and tough when you're an unemployed underachiever. When the going gets tough...

Bucks still going for it, even though they are struggling mightily to defend and are 2 games out of the 8th spot (though they are up on the Pistons 2-1 with a game left at the Bradley Center), signing Terrence Jones, who was bought out by the Pelicans after they acquired DeMarcus Cousins. Jones will help fill the void left by Parker's injury and Beasley also missing a few games. I assume...

Just when you think they are hypocrites never before seen proportions, one of them forgets Obama did not go to the bathroom without the teleprompter saying it was OK.

This is great, because it shows that they are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

The problem? Coastal elites don't have bears anywhere near their schools. Red state rural schools might. Lesson learned? When ever the left mocks someone, like Romney's concern over Russia, or Devos suggesting some schools may need to shoot a bear, it's best to take it for what it is...a real problem that the Dems don't understand because they're so out of to...

Considering Tim Kennedy could probably look at the Dems and many would wet themselves, I don't doubt this a bit. Never train a guy to kill and then disrespect him.

This pretty much sums it up. No one recalls meeting with unimportant people.

As I have said numerous times, Stearns either is using KATOH or has a metric that works in a similar fashion. The fact lots of know it alls insist it's just a coincidence only verifies my belief. Some folks insist there's a Bigfoot creature even though no remains have ever been, if they do exist, they are also immortal.

There are partisan hacks, and then there is Paul Krugman, who has pretty much made himself irrelevant with his "sky is falling" unawareness.


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