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Heh. Drudge and Trump forced to report facts the old media ignores. As Drudge points out, Holder lied under oath and got border patrol agents killed, and with a fraction of the coverage. Remember the left's outrage at "fake news?" You ...

Found this while looking for something else. Just as true today though. The sky is always falling, the world is always ending. As Glenn said so bluntly the other day, it's mostly because they're terrible people.

I tell ya what, even when I don't have any skin in the game, seeing unnecessary regulations fall by the wayside is a good thing. Freedom good. Dumb rules bad.

It was just about a year ago that I compiled my 2016 predictions/projections for the Crew, so I will likely do that again this weekend. There's something to look forward to on MON for you silly rubes who work for a living.

As Meghan McCain said, this Russian ambassador must be the most forgettable guy in the world, because no matter how many times people meet him, they can't recall it minutes later. Of course, unless you're trying to play politics, no one cares if you have met or met with an ambassador or not. Ambassadors are often named because they are friends of the president, or even if they are big do...

Got an email from a company I sent a claim form to a while back for a client. I called the gal who sent it and she politely explained exactly what the email said; that they needed another copy of a certificate because each department needed an official copy of it for their files. My exact words were "That's stupid." Finally, after about 2-3 minutes of polite back and forth, she let out an audible sigh and said, "Look Al, we both know what's going to happen here. You're going to keep complaini...

Lots of folks on the ledge today about the Badgers. As I have mentioned numerous times over the years, we're incredibly spoiled by their run of success. Even with their recent slump, they will still make the NCAA tourney for the 19th straight season, they will still finish in the top 4 (or tied for the top 4) in the conference for the 16th straight season. The other streaks sometimes discussed, that they've never failed to secure a "double bye" since the Big Ten expanded, could be ...

They should have this class in every high school. Change a tire, balance a checkbook, job interviews, and so on. I know they're busy teaching math you never use and liberal rewrites of history, but... But yes, it's sad how stupid they are at 29. They remind me of the managers who would get hired at 22 in retail and think everything was "beneath them" and leave after 3-6 months when they discovered they weren't going to be running a store or be a district manager in a yea...

Why do I get the feeling the liberals on my Twitter feed who have been complaining about this won't pay much attention to the guilty party in this case? When you're willing to vandalize and litter while protesting, odds are you don't mind ignoring the law and good citizenship standards in other areas of your existence as well.

In all fairness, that would be a deal breaker for most fellas.

Sarah Palin sends this common meme out. The fact it offends Bernie Sanders gives me great pleasure.

White Sox put Brett Lawrie on release waivers, who they just signed to a $4M deal for 2017, avoiding arby, so I assume it's fully guaranteed. This reeks of a non baseball related issue. EDIT: MLBTR says only 1/6th of it is guaranteed, but he did not go to arby, he signed before a hearing, so I assumed it all was guaranteed money. Regardless, still seems odd in many ways. 

This is a great idea, if for nothing else, so you don't have to make up those lost days. We need to stop pretending kids learn anything in the middle of June anyway.

I stopped in at the Evil Empire to pick up such staples such as garbage bags, aluminum foil, and dishwasher detergent booster (they stopped putting phosphates in you know, because they worked) yesterday. An observation. I always check to see if they marked down any of the rotissiere chickens, and sure enough, they had several for $2.49, as they must have been leftover from yesterday. As I picked up 3 (they freeze nicely), an elderly woman came along and looked at the chicken and pi...

I'm sure he could beat the crap out of me and not spill his coffee doing so, hence, he can do whatever he wants.

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