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In all my years of following the Bucks, I've never once seen them play on FRI and SAT at home. Maybe I just missed it, but I pay attention to patterns like that. Not only did they do so this week, but they do again next week. Strange.

I don't know how to do anything on a car except change a tire [I'd be slow, but I could do it...though unless it was in my garage or driveway, I'd call my insurance because I have free towing and emergency service. Even if I had to wait an hour, it'd be safer and most likely, just as fast.} and check the oil (I guess I have filled the windshield wash and radiator fluid at times too). I wish I was more handy, but I'm not. But

Probably 1000 links on the Obama tapping Trump "it's a scandal if they can prove it." Two things I've seen over and over: 1. Amazed how many liberals seem almost resigned about this. The most common refrain from both sides seems to be a "he tapped AP reporter phones, he ordered the IRS to go after conservative groups, this would not surprise me at all" feeling. 2. Several lawyers on my Twitter feed are pointing to a specific word in the Obama denial..."ordered...

I never heard a word about this until now. Seems as if it received very little mention in the old media...imagine that. Note the rioters in MIN ran away like teenage girls. The wussiness is off the charts. If you're going to behave badly, at least have the strong beliefs to own up to it.

Based on today's results, Wisconsin will be the No.2 seed with a win, No.4 seed with loss/Purdue win, No.5 seed with loss/NW win--Badger Nation Funny how Maryland is #3 regardless. Northwestern plays right before the Badgers tomorrow, so we will know if a double bye is at stake, not that it will matter to the team, who will want to win on Senior Day, never mind just to get a W.

Paolo Espino and Joba Chamberlain have been by far the most impressive two nonroster pitchers so far this March. As I said back when he was signed, Espino reminds me of Marco Estrada, a short RHP who has had success at AAA but never got a chance in the bigs. Joba has had success and looks to h...

Bubble update (500p ET). LAST BYES: Seton Hall, Syracuse, Providence, Marquette. LAST IN: Xavier, Vandy--Lunardi First ones out include Iowa and Illinois. They need to win a couple games in the tourney and hope there are few upsets in those mid majors where the top team would be the only qualifier if they win their conference tournament, but would also qualify as an at large if a lesser team defeats them. 

A "tell" that the climate "science" folks are full of crap? I have a few others: 1. The fact they never discuss the fact that the climate has changed greatly in the past, a plethora of ice ages, some lasting millions of years, are never discussed. Climate has changed since the dawn of time. It will continue to do so. 2. Their predictions are ALWAYS WRONG tells me they are guessing and not...

Heh. Give them time and this will lead the newscast.

It's easy to change your mind when you don't really believe in anything.

Bucks formerly sign Jones, release Toupane. Spencer Hawes got his first game action last night in garbage time, and honestly, I forgot they still had Toupane. The Bucks played one of their best games of the season last night, dominating the Clippers for all but a 5 minute stretch in the 3rd quarter. MIL was up 20 in the 1st half, and after LA fought back with a barrage of 3's, the Bucks...

Brewers manager Craig Counsell discussed the status of his team’s bench competition, as Tom Haudricourt and Todd Rosiak of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel report

In all fairness, what does CNN and MSNBC have to do with "facts?" CNN gave the debate questions to Hillary. The illusion of an even playing field faded back when it was racist to disagree with the sitting president.

Fight like a girl. As the ladies of Outnumbered said yesterday, the fact a former president and his splintered party is openly trying to make the current president fail...which will lead to less prosperity and comfort for all Americans, is quite possibly the most unpatriotic thing most of us have seen in our lifetimes. We're not talking about "let's try and get our stuff passed," they have no alternate plan. The endgame is to de...

Women in the Navy get pregnant like they vote in Chicago...early and often. Note the part about how the previous administration fibbed about the numbers. Because they were honest and godlike.


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