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Five Tips for Fantasy-Drafting the MLB 3/4/17
Hey baseball fans! Spring Training games have started and I couldn't be more excited! But I'm sure some teams are looking at their rosters and saying that they have no chance at even finishing above .500. Wouldn't it be great if there could be a league-wide fantasy draft to completely scramble the rosters so the teams would be more even? Well, let's imagine that there is for a second. With that in mind, here would be my strategies for fantasy drafting a whole league:

Predictions Contests
Congrats to Charlie and Java for winning the 2017 Free Agents Predictions Contest!* It was a short off-season but a hard-fought battle. Also congratulations to me for resisting the temptation to improve my score by a point or two. While the rest of us are licking ou...

Help Ed Kranepool
If you haven’t heard already, “original Met” and longtime fan favorite Ed Kranepool needs a kidney transplant, and is planning to auction off his 1969 World Series ring to help pay for his medical expenses. (Today’s MLB players have fantastic post-career medical benefits, but that’s not necessarily the case for those who retired prior to […]

In all my years of following the Bucks, I've never once seen them play on FRI and SAT at home. Maybe I just missed it, but I pay attention to patterns like that. Not only did they do so this week, but they do again next week. Strange.

Happy Recap: 2017 Spring Training - Game 9 - Mets (3) at Astros (1) - DeGrom Debuts Pefectly in Spring Training Action

MMO Fan Shot: Matt Harvey Will Rise Again
An MMO Fan Shot by Joe O’Connor By the end of May 2013, he was the Dark Knight.  He was the savior of Queens.  He was lighting up radar guns, wiping out hitters with his devastating slider, and doing so with a swagger that Mets fans hadn’t seen since the glory days of ’86.  My, how things […]

I don't know how to do anything on a car except change a tire [I'd be slow, but I could do it...though unless it was in my garage or driveway, I'd call my insurance because I have free towing and emergency service. Even if I had to wait an hour, it'd be safer and most likely, just as fast.} and check the oil (I guess I have filled the windshield wash and radiator fluid at times too). I wish I was more handy, but I'm not. But

Broxton homers, drives in three in Brewers 7-1 win over Rangers
The outfielder went 2-for-3 in the game. Box Score A matchup against the worst team so far in the Cactus league is all it took to get the Brewers back on trac...

Baseball feels real as Mariners defeat the Rockies 4-3
For today, we could pretend it mattered It’s already become somewhat banal to have to include the caveat that “it’s only spring training.” That being said, today the Mariners narrowly won a legitimately exciting and close game. Even though, no, it doesn’t matter, this game felt ...

Reds score eight in 8th inning rally to beat Royals
A late table-turning landed the Reds their third win in a row. The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game It has been a relatively slow start to Cactus League play for

National League MVP Candidates on Possible Last Place Teams
Can the National League MVP Award end up in the hands of a guy on a last place team? If it does, there are a few candidates to consider. When it comes to the MVP vote, should a team’s place in the standings matter? Some say yes. Others argue that since it is an individual […] National League MVP Candidates on Possible Last Place Teams -

Spring Training Miscellany: Cubs 9, Dodgers 3 – Bryant Grand, Candelario Hot, Respect Bald
The Cubs go bald for a good cause, and then beat the Dodgers. [To read the post, head over to Bleacher Nation. To stay free for readers to enjoy, BN is supported by ads. In a full-content RSS feed, that is not possible. I hope you understand and keep on reading at BN.]

Better know your Blue Jays 40-man: Francisco Liriano
Francisco Liriano is a 33 year old right-handed pitcher. He’s year younger than J.A. Happ, which kind of surpri...

Probably 1000 links on the Obama tapping Trump "it's a scandal if they can prove it." Two things I've seen over and over: 1. Amazed how many liberals seem almost resigned about this. The most common refrain from both sides seems to be a "he tapped AP reporter phones, he ordered the IRS to go after conservative groups, this would not surprise me at all" feeling. 2. Several lawyers on my Twitter feed are pointing to a specific word in the Obama denial..."ordered...

I never heard a word about this until now. Seems as if it received very little mention in the old media...imagine that. Note the rioters in MIN ran away like teenage girls. The wussiness is off the charts. If you're going to behave badly, at least have the strong beliefs to own up to it.

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