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Badgers will be the #2 seed in the conference tournament, tie for 2nd with Maryland, end up at 12-6 and 23-8 for the regular season. Imagine the outcry if they would have finished 5th! Badgers will play the Iowa/Indiana winner at 5:30 FRI on BTN. If they win that one, they'll play about 2:30 on SAT, most likely versus Maryland or Northwestern.

I simply adore Mattis. I'm sure the left would mock him for not only doing his own laundry, but for not just throwing away clothes after a wearing and billing the replacements to the rubes in flyover country.

Germaphobes are incredibly self important negative nellies. Can you imagine being married to such a goofball?

Badgers will be the #2 seed if they win, the #4 if they lose, double bye either way.

As the Badgers begin, they could be the 2nd, 4th, or 5th seed in the conference tourney, depending on the result of their game and the Northwestern/Purdue tilt. 4th or 5th would likely mean a FRI game with Northwestern or Michigan State. 5th would mean a THU game.

If Snopes was any further left, they'd be right. Both them and Politifact are laughably biased. They don't even pretend anymore.

In retrospect, maybe giving $2B in cash to a terrorist nation was not properly thought out by the previous administration. We were in the very best of hands.

A succinct rundown of the Obama Sgt. Schultz defense being rather ineffective. 

Wikileaks showed that wiretaps were common in the Obama White House, but only on friends, enemies, allies, and people in and out of government.

Laughing about lying to the rubes. Worth your time. This smug attitude about wrongdoing is why the silence and very carefully worded denials might mean something.

Last night, as I enjoyed a couple old McGyvers with a frozen pizza (3rd cheat day I've had, give me a break), I thought to myself, if we don't see a concerted effort to diffuse this tomorrow, with top level Dems all saying the same thing (for an example that the old media prints exactly what they are told, click here); we'll know there is something to this. As of this morning, the only two people on my Twitter fe...


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