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Have you ever noticed that every time the left wants to make a point, they do it by being irresponsible and telling their boss they don't care about them? I have read several schools have cancelled classes tomorrow...what about the children? Apparently, the kids come in a distant 2nd to an imaginary cause.

No one has damaged the Democrat brand more than the leaders of the Democrats. When you're forced to rewrite history, odds are you were on the wrong side then and now.

Nothing is their fault. Snowflakes remain blameless. And clueless.

I should have trademarked this's a misdirection game.

I tend to agree. I really like my car comparison...improving a broken down vehicle leaves you with a slightly improved broken down vehicle. Best case scenario, if you want to keep Obamacare (which I do not, because I'm a free market capitalist), is that this is a jumping off point, and both sides realize that, and that the current version will die in a year or two at most; and then the sense of urgency will kick in a...

Better is the enemy of good.--Voltaire That was my first thought, and IBD agrees. Granted, my "solution," is illegal at this second because of Obamacare law changes; letting the free market work, and having some sort of HIRSP like backup plan. Taking over 1/6th of the US economy was a fool's folly, and because of limitations still in place from the fatally flawed Is it better than what we have now? ...

How Althouse readers feel about the NY Times report that one out of 137 high school students would call themselves transgender. Same way I do...I'd say 1 out of 1000 would be far more accurate, but probably still high. I might have said I was too when I was that age if I knew it was anonymous, because I would have found that funny. 

When you're dumb enough to think you can lie about what race you are and then still try and stay relevant, well, nothing surprises me. Funny all these buffoons that felt it was racism to criticize a president seem to have changed their mind. It's easy to do when your beliefs change as often as the breeze.

I read an awful lot of the left freaking out about how Trump "caused this." Never mind Trump has many friends and family members that are Jewish. Turns out, wait for it, they were clueless and overreacted. I, for one, am shocked. 

I'd have to search through the archives, but I predicted this years ago. I think I said by the time the Rambling son has to decide about college, I felt it'd be vastly different. I thought that "physical colleges" would be more of a social hub than anything else, where young adults went to live and study together, but the antisocial (like me) could take at home, if they wished.


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