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A few people has asked when to expect the projection for a win total for 2017, which I said I would do last weekend. I did my first draft of guesses, and am now comparing them to PECOTA and others. Will adjust and then do the final math. Up either FRI or MON/TUE.

Carson's a darn dope, but Obama is godlike. It seems like much of this is directly related to the D or R after their name.

Yes, it's better, but it still sucks. Today we're hearing a lot about "it's a starting point" from the GOP, but it's tough to accept without knowing what the future improvements are.

How exactly do I get liberals to boycott Ramblings?

Art is something business and wealthy donors love to fund. The government has no business deciding what "art" gets funded.

How do you show your value by not showing up to work?--Meghan McCain That's a really good one sentence summary of the way most of flyover country sees it. Luckily for us, the left continues to focus on everything except what most working folks care about. 

I saw this said about a dozen times today, in various forms. Delainey is a little more blunt about it, but it's accurate. Many folks mentioning that cashiers, wait staff, and the like are working, and that this is basically public employees and white collar gals taking a personal day and pretending there's more to it than taking a day ...

Congrats to Bo Ryan, who apparently became a better candidate since last year, inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame.

JFK and Obama said the same thing, but Ben Carson is dead wrong, I guess. Similar to Obama's travel ban being fine, and Trump's being terrible. They don't even pretend to be consistent.


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