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Pure coincidence, I'm sure.

Some guy named Mike Glennon signed a deal with the Bears to be their QB. He has not started a game since 2014, and still got a 3 year deal with millions guaranteed. If Jay Cutler ends up with a good team, like the Broncos or Texans, I get the feeling he will suddenly become a lot better overnight. Brock Ostweiler was traded to CLE for salary cap purposes, and the Browns will either trade or release him soon. That's two solid QB's suddenly on the FA market. 

This reminds me of the Feingold ad that insisted Ron Johnson was a lying liar for saying college kids waste a lot of money. You know how I know it's true? 1. I pay attention. 2. They denied it so vehemently.

It's like he thinks everyone has forgotten what he did 20 years ago.

I'd fire the top 25 or so and give them a fresh start. They're simply guilty as sin and extremely bad at hiding it as well.

I like Dellavedova far more than most, and with Brogdon also in the mix, I can't imagine bringing in Rose.

Optimism the highest in 16 years! One may wonder why the Dems are so unhappy. Could it be because they are not in tune with most of the USA? Or is it that they are not patriotic enough to give a damn? Or...both. But by gosh, they're extremely unhappy people here illegally are...I don't know, not legal? And they have to pay k...

If you have cancer and do not want want Samantha Bee making fun of your hair style, you best have the political views as her. Of course, she's far more polite and civil than myself...she's a liberal! It's a requirement. This is why they lose.

Michigan up early on the Illini, and are wearing their practice attire, as their uniforms and all luggage have to stay on the plane that went off the runway until the investigation is done. Many predicted this last night, as while great care is taken to ensure "routine" is followed, we spend 99% of our life in "show up and go" mode. We work 9-5, we walk in at 8:55, fill up our water bottle, and get started. If you play in a rec basketball or softball, you show up, warm up for a cou...

Watching Outnumbered, but it is preempted at the moment to show Paul Ryan explaining what the health care plan they proposed does. So far, he's doing an excellent job in explaining why Obamacare sucks and why the new one is better. As I've pointed out though, the problem is, the things most of us want to see, additional free market competition mainly, is not in the first part of the bill. He admits it is not perfect, but it's the best way of getting it done. Time will te...

The death of ESPN. When you alienate half your viewers, ratings tend to decline. A day never used to go by without me watching a Sportscenter. I doubt I've watched one in at least six months. If I wanted to be talked down to and made to feel like a lesser person, I'd tell the Rambling wife she's looking a bit pudgy.

The NY Times is not very trustworthy. Kate Upton is kinda attractive. Which is a bigger understatement? Depends on the day...

Unexpectedly!! I for one am shocked (shocked!) that all it took to boost the economy was to end 8 years of apologizing for being a free market economy and the mere mention of lower taxes and fewer regulations.

The free market handles hissy fits accordingly. Schools throw their hands in the air because they get paid regardless if they, you know, actually hold classes. When you have no skin in the game, the answer is to always look the other way and pretend you're helpless. And let's not pretend they give a damn about the children. They continue to prove over and over it's...

Heh. This is why they lose elections. The irony to me is, Chelsea can justify the fact sugar and flour, completely empty calories and 100% carbs, is somehow nutritious if you throw some spinach in the bowl.


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