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2, 4, 6, and 8 seeds remain alive in the Big Ten tourney. Badgers play Northwestern around 2:30-2:45 tomorrow.  

A friend posted this on Facebook today, the Rambling uncle sold this land to the folks who built these cabins back in '81.

You will never find bigger hypocrites.

The UN missed the memo that poverty and child death are both at their lowest levels in decades. The sky is always falling, it's always the end of the world as we know it...because no one sends the UN cash when all is well. If it looks like a money grab...

Quite possibly, the stupidest thing a human being has ever said. Sleep patterns? Try sleeping in the next day. I usually do whether I "lose an hour" or not. The whining that goes on about jet lag and minor disruptions is very comical from people who have full bellies and are more wealthy than 98% of the world. At any given moment, a team of Army Rangers and Navy Seals ...

Imitation, flattery, and all that. Trump is using the Walker playbook because it's worked, even better than planned. Iowa and other states are doing the same thing. Same reason MLB teams are plowing cash into analytics...success does that.

Another classy liberal who happens to be an anti Semite. Because shut up.

For all the goofy exaggerations, it seems no one that knows him seems to have anything but good things to say, even a conservative Dem like Manchin. Rumor has it Manchin is the most likely to switch parties, so that could, at some point, be a very interesting quote.

Michigan continues their run, defeating Purdue in OT.  Quite a 48 hours for them.

If one wonders how far downhill BP has gone, read this piece and just try to make it all the way through. It's completely unfunny, and meant to be satire, but it's as dry as dust. Simply put, painfully awful drivel.

Note that the states with no or low income tax seem to be doing just as well as those with very high income taxes. And CA is spending too much despite having all that extra cash...imagine that. It's not a revenue issue. I compare it to families that make $100K and take vacations all over the globe and buy a new car every couple years, versus the one that makes $40K and watches every penny, living a far simpler lifestyle, avoidi...

My first thought when I head Radio Shack's 2nd bankruptcy? They're still in business?

Low interest is stellar for homeowners and businesses looking to expand, but sucks for savers. Many of my clients thought they would just live off their interest, assuming it would be 10% or more. They were incorrect. And, notice how no one said a word about this for 8 years. Oh the problems we have now that we have a Republican in office.

Any Married with Children reference is a good one.

A middling recap of the Brewers' offseason by MLBTR. No huge errors, but as usual from a national perspective, a bit simplistic.

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