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It's funny because it's true.

Try as they might to convince us otherwise, we all know the WBC is just a bunch of exhibition games with most pitchers nowhere close to being ready. There's really no good time to do stuff like this, considering the billion dollar industry that is MLB.

Badgers play one of their best games of the season, and probably caught a Northwestern team on an off, fatigued day. I know they're young, but it's tough to play 2 games in 20 hours. They don't even play day games after night games in the NBA. Badgers were able to get their main guys some rest at the end as well. Only Hayes played more than 30 minutes. 25-33 is far better than 35-38 when you lace them up at 2 tomorrow.

Social services should be at her house every single day. You can't fix stupid.

The thing is, the GOP in CA doesn't have much of a choice...they either need to run a moderate, a celebrity, or just let the Dem run unopposed. So, a celeb moderate would seem to be a good choice.

Tony Bennett and Gregg Marshall among the names being floated to take over the Illini program. I though John Groce did a very credible job, his teams played hard and he rebuilt the program nicely. Like the Gophers' football program, thinking you can do better is usually a good sign of upcoming demise, as big names like the above are very unlikely. 

If Happ stays 4 years, he'll rewrite the record book. And no, I don't think he will. But I can hope.

Happ has hit 3 of 4 FT's today, was 2 of 15 in last 4 games.

You know what they're doing because it's what they claim to be very, very concerned about. They sold fake news for decades before realizing others were doing it better.

I've been enjoying the Rambling son's venison steaks as part of my "lean meat, no carbs" eating plan, since neither he or the Rambling wife much more than tolerate them, much preferring the brats, summer sausage, jerky, and breakfast sausage that they will make eventually. I can only imagine the price of the reindeer meat will b...

Khalil Iverson has left the team due to a death in the family, will not return tomorrow if they win. I assume they will go small more with maybe Illikainen moving up in the rotation.Brown may get extra minutes too.

The irony is, the same people that insisted Brexit had no chance of passing also insisted Trump had no chance of winning. The funny thing is, instead of taking a step back and trying to pinpoint why they were incorrect, instead, they have chosen to simply call the voters stupid idiots who aren't as intellectual as they are. They're the same people that think anyone who shops at Walmart is a toothless redneck and proudl...

Moving daylight saving time to all year would be a good first step. Then we could get to work on double daylight saving time. Any arguments against it is from people who do not understand that it gets light about 5 in the summer with it, it would be at 4AM if we did not shift ahead. Would you rather have sunlight from 4-5AM, or from 8:30-9:30PM? There are a few golfers and runners/walkers who would love to get in some activity b...

Even natural resources are on the Trump bandwagon. The north slope is the northern part of Alaska, north of Fairbanks to the northern know, where Al Gore says it won't snow anymore "in a few years." I'm sure some ND native Americans are drawing up some fictional tribal lands documents as we speak...though given the bugs in the summer and the cold in th...

Children just aren't going to know what snow is! Lesson one arrives this weekend. Better them than us.

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