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This seems to contradict the old media narrative. Fake news.

If you live near Milwaukee and plan to attend a few games in APR, this is a steal.

#9 Vandy 1 over #8 Northwestern #10 Wichita St 6.5 over #7 Dayton Only 2 lower seeds favored over higher seeds. The committee agrees with the bookmakers on 30 of 32.   FYI, Badgers open as a 4.5-5 point favorite.  

W was racist. Trump is racist. When everyone is a racist, no one is racist. They just don't get it.

Badgers play about 8:40 THU evening.

The NCAA had the Badgers 29th. Wichita State was ranked 15th in the country, they had them 38th.

Wouldn't surprise me at all if the Badgers defeat Villanova. Wouldn't surprise me at all if the Badgers lose to Virginia Tech. If they hit their open 3's, hit 75% of their free throws, and defend/rebound like they can, they can beat anyone. If they don't, they can be had by any quality team, as all teams in the tourney are.

Virginia Tech was only ranked one week all season. Michigan ends up with a #7 seed and will play in Indy. Have to wonder if they decided to give the tourney winner the higher seed and closer location.

Badgers get a #8 seed and play Virginia Tech in the first round (would play overall #1 Villanova in the 2nd round) on THU (time to be announced). Many fans were hoping they'd be close for travel, but Buffalo, while closer than way out west, is not a hop, skip, or jump either. And, compared to Vegas or a warm climate, is far from an exciting destination for fans wanting to follow the team.

They talk about the silly stuff so no one notices they're not doing anything about the stuff people care about. And the old media never calls them on it.

22, snow, and 10 mph winds for the Minnesota United home opener. They play 5 of their first 7 games on the road...I wonder why.

MICH playing as well, probably better than any Big Ten team. Always tough beating a team that barely missed a 3 all day. That's why I hate facing good deep shooting teams in the NCAA...when they go in, it's mighty tough to beat them.

You'd think, eventually, they'd tire of being hypocrites. 

Lunardi has the Badgers as a 6 seed, Jerry Palm has them as a #5. 5-7 seems to be their range. The committee usually does not pay attention to the games that begin after about 1PM today, unless they have to, meaning a team that would not make it could win an automatic berth by winning their conference tourney. The Sun Belt final appears to be 2 teams playing for one spot, and the others are all in.

It's almost as if their backassward economic ideas simply don't work. I still smile every time I think of the Dem that insisted "one more tax increase" would make all the problems go away...about 23 "revenue enhancements" ago.

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