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It's not meant to be inclusive. Of course, they don't really want "inclusive." They want it to be all about them.

Someday, maybe I will manage to be this polite and civil as well. I can dream.

Rachel Maddow released a tax return she claims is Trump's. It's illegal to do so, but, you know, liberals do not worry about such things...laws are for conservatives. If it is his, it shows him to be very successful, wealthy, and paid an obscene $38M in taxes, 25%. It would seem that would simply verify everything we already knew...almost as if that was the plan. Too bad he's so darn dumb, ain't it? ADDED: Remember, the left insists he did not pay enough, that he should ...

CA is a liberal utopia. That's why everyone is leaving. What's that a wise man always says? They vote with their feet.

Funny, I believe I predicted this. The left struggles with truth. If you like your health care plan...

It's time to play that game we all play once a year...where the hell is TRUtv? 651 here. BA's doing the first game at least.

Those with skin in the game are feeling good. Wait until they get a tax cut through.

Althouse makes a good point, why is it that people that feel they do not need insurance should be forced to buy insurance? Some folks feel the government should "force" everyone to do what they think is best. I don't. In fact, the more you hear about this plan, it LOWERS the deficit, it lowers taxes, and gives people a far better option than Obamacare, which will die on its own in a year or...

We have completely lost the ability to take any crime seriously. No bail for this scumbag? He shouldn't see the light of day until trial.

Please. They put sugar and salt in mass quantities in almost all prepackaged foods. Why? Because it tastes good. I can't believe how salty everything tastes after a month and a half of eating only lean meat and steamed/roasted veggies with just garlic powder and pepper. I take a bite of mac and cheese to see if it's hot, and all I taste is ...

He ain't gonna get it.

More winning! Why is the government worried about what cars its citizens buy? Same reason they shut down coal mines...the more dependent the rubes are, the better. This is why regulations are so devastating to the economy.

Al, Just wanted to correct you. You have said a couple times special forces can be anywhere in the world in 24 hours. The military now says 18 hours.  Tyler I apologize for underestimating the greatness of the United States military. Many folks act as if we can stop funding defense because, well, they don't get it. Planes have to be ...

Anyone who has a kid knows this...a road trip with sick children. Very funny. Knock on wood, the Rambling son has not been ill for a while, and I don't think at all since he moved his bedroom downstairs. I still remember when he was 3 or 4, he'd be sitting on the bathroom floor, and we'd tell him just to stay there for about 10 minutes, and he'd insist he was fine, and we'd repeat just to s...

USA themed clothing is always in style. Anyone claiming otherwise is as unpatriotic and ant American as one can be. The hell with them. If you don't like it, ain't nobody forcing you to stay. The days of apology tours are over.

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