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If only Dems would care about a conservative being violently attacked as they would a cop shooting a criminal.

He's 100% correct. Pointing out the obvious hypocrisy of the left not only helps him with all but the socialists, it makes their inevitable arguments seem especially desperate and untruthful. The great thing about the current Dems is, they will argue that the sun doesn't rise in the east if Trump says it. And yes, it makes them appear foolish to indys and moderates.

If you don't like the 1st Amendment, there's pretty much no hope for you.

If only they did not spend every penny on parties and insisting the USA is the cause of all evil. I suppose 50% is a good start. It's time they start spending their time somewhere else though...I hear Cuba has plenty of buildings available...

Found while looking for something else...some guy mocking church names. I get the feeling Url is a grumpy gus who doesn't understand why his church is unsuccessful, and made himself feel better back in 2010 by making fun of others. I read about a church in Milwaukee a while back that's called Brew City Church. I thought it must be great having a name that people w...

Voter fraud is real. Those that do not want to fix it with an easy solution of voter ID simply want it to continue because it helps their side.


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