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In the future, children may not know what snow is.

100% true. NPR is a bit left of Marx. The government has no place funding the arts, because one's idea of art is another's idea of trash. No one has any idea what these various departments even do. We need to stop pretending the government needs to take money from those who earn it. Defend the country and leave it be.

Doug Collins on ESPN finally said what I've been thinking...that the Bucks being a far better defensive team since Jabari Parker was injured is directly related to Parker being a below average defender and not coincidental. His defensive rating is 111 (100 is average), so questioning his D is far from a random observation.

One game in, my perfect bracket hopes are destroyed. Princeton loses by 2. I forget who said it, but last year, one of the guys who won a ESPN or similar contest said it's fine to pick a few upsets in the 1st round, but for amateurs, it's best to have 15 or 16 of the top 4 seeds making it through to the sweet 16, because history shows at least 12-14 of them will get through, and it's too risky to try and predict more than 1 of them. Makes sense. EDIT: My other...

Thomas Sowell hits the nail on the head. They keep insisting bad economic policy will work, and when it doesn't, they insist it will next time. It'd be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Cuts everywhere to pencil pushers, increased spending for the military and homeland security. Pretty much a dream come true. Good to see the priorities and ideals are in the right place.

As long as the target is a conservative, the answer is a resounding yes. The sudden lack of outrage is a telling sign of not really caring about anything except punishing the successful and insisting socialism will work NEXT time.

The end of hungry children and wasted millions in buying fresh veggies kids throw away is soon to end. The Rambling son's school had to stop serving cheeseburgers...too much protein, he was told. Back to hamburgers, thank goodness we avoided that calamity. What's the old joke about how the Army gave the journalist latrine duty and made the plumber the editor...

One of the best days of the basketball from 11AM-11PM, and lots of times even later. I haven't worked on the first THU/FRI of the tourney in a decade or more. I know I heard years ago that the MON-WED of this week is the most popular days of the year to get a vasectomy or wisdom teeth pulled as gives you an excuse to sit on the sofa and do nothing. Fortunately, I'm comfortable enough in myself not to need an excuse...

Hi Al, As always, I’ve been enjoying your analysis—politics and sports. In fact, you’ve over time become my go-to news aggregater. 

What's really funny is, many of the folks I follow on Twitter (keep your friends close and your enemies closer) that insisted they would move to Canada if Trump was elected...are doing things like buying a house and signing long term leases on their condos. Not only were they lying about their intentions, they seem to be going about their lives unbothered. It's almost as if they not only lied, but were even dishonest...

Nothing Bernie says ages well outside USSR apologists.

Included in the ratings for last SAT? Several networks "filler" at 2AM (when the clocks were technically moved ahead). No better indication of how few folks watch TV on SAT that those hitting the top 150.

Bucks win a game in LA when the Clippers miss a contested 5 footer at the buzzer. First win over LAC in LA in 10 years.


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