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The Rambling wife just asked when the Badgers played again, and I realized I did not know, other than tomorrow. 1:40 on CBS...just a 6 point underdog to the overall #1 seed, I expected double digits.

She's a white broad who pretends to be a black woman...for some, every day is Halloween.

That's a shame.

Second day in a row I've said, "Well, if I'm gonna make it until the games are over, I better take a nap." Don't judge, you're going to be old someday too.

Twitter is a bit abuzz that Tomi Lahren said "abortion is murder" 3 months ago and today on The View said she was pro choice, because she believes in limited government. 1. If she said the planet was a rectangle, she'd still be pretty. 2. Abortion is murder, and I'm pro choice, at least until 5 or 6 months. 3. That's the proper argument for me too, as government does not have the right to tell you what you can or cannot do. The "child" is dependent on the moth...

Craig Counsell said there would be four 40-man roster OFs at Colorado Springs. Brinson, Phillips, and Cordell, plus Michael Reed would be the fourth.--JS About half the time, they have a DH to use as well.

She's conservative and she's soon to be a star, because no matter what she says, her "talent" is overwhelming.

This is why they lose.

Today's lower seeds I see winning? Wichita State Michigan State South Carolina Kansas State I was only 1 of 3 yesterday, but I believe I went 12-1 picking the higher seed, so I won't complain.

Braun is 100% correct. Players hate practice, and most of it is unnecessary. Coaches LOVE practice, because they want to do the same thing over and over. Most of us spend our life working on our first ends up never being improved upon, because we're onto the next day, the next task, and so on. Baseball players used to report to Arizona 20 pounds overweight and use ...

What an idiot.

Government does not need to fund these programs. Churches, businesses, and successful individuals not only do a better job, but run a far tighter ship and are more efficient. When the government gets involved, they add so much unnecessary crap (fresh veggies, local products, disabled workers, biodegradable packaging and so on) it takes away from the effectiveness.

Adam again predicts the 25 man roster, making only a minor change, exchanging Cravy in place of Blazek. I would choose Millone or Chamberlain over both because they would likely be lost otherwise, though at some point, injuries might make the decision for them.

I must admit, I do find it hilarious that after nominating someone with no accomplishments for president, the idea of her daughter, who has NEVER HAD A JOB IN HER LIFE, running for anything is almost beyond belief.

Government takes over bakeries in socialist utopia. Hard to believe that isn't working out.

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