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Badgers play FRI versus Florida. No time announced as of yet, but I believe they are all in the evening on the second weekend.

Realized tonight about 8PM that a sale on sunflower seeds (for birds) ended tonight, so I put on sweats and went to our little local grocery 5 minutes away...the sale prices are usually pretty good, but regular prices are often double or more of an Aldi or Wal Mart. I got the sunflower seeds (50 pounds for $10, go me!) and a few other items...every one of them on sale. The store was almost empty, because everyone (except, apparently, me) has something better to do on a SAT night.

Her family is really wealthy too. I believe that's what you call the whole package.

First bracket in Yahoo history to get the first 37 games correct...has Wisconsin winning the title. I hope he gets all 63.

I have to laugh at all the air time the woman with half her hair colored green sitting behind Chris Collins got. That's a terrible look if you're a supermodel, never mind for an average gal.

Domino's makes a good pizza and you can always get it cheap if you choose a special. That's just good business. How bad it used to be is sort of overplayed a bit. There's no doubt they changed the sauce and added flavor to the crust (however, it's mostly just butter brushed on at the end); however, my guess is it's 75% identical to the old version. The "improvement" is mostly marketing and if yo...

I gave the Badgers about a 20% chance of winning, but of those 20 times out of 100, I certainly did not have Happ and Koenig playing limited minutes in any of them. Badgers were down 57-50 with about 5 or 6 to play, and ended the game on a 15-5 run. Huge shots by Koenig (2 3's), Happ, and Hayes, great rebounds and defense by Brown and Happ. And finally, after 35 minutes, Villanova finally missed a couple open shots, as well as 3 of 6 free throws. Both teams with turnover...

When everything is the end of the world, nothing is the end of the world.

Guerra will start the opener. Worst kept secret I know of.

Me no understand how to do that! Back when I helped train new people, I was always amazed how many of them lived at home, even though most were college grads. Those that were "on their own" were almost all hopelessly in debt and clueless on how to stop the bleeding. One gal, who was one of my favorites but far from dedicated or overly intelligent, told me she had written a $1000 c...

Budget cuts 3.3% of Meals on Wheels funding. Liberals outraged. Anyone who wonders how Obama doubled the debt in 8 years need only look at the previous couple sentences.

Wow, difficult to believe we survived another week after the time shifted 60 minutes ahead. Playing with house money, just like every other year. Oh, the problems they concoct when their bellies are full and those icky fossil fuels keep them toasty warm regardless of the weather. now offers free two day shipping if you have a $35 order. If you're like me (or even if you're not), you can just add stuff to your order as you think of it, and then hit "ship" when you get to the $35 plateau. We have been basically doing this with Amazon Prime for about 6 months (the Rambling wife hates shopping, I am not a fan of people), but there's a couple problems: 1. Not everything is Prime. 2. On average, Amazon is $1-2 more on many items....

She's just admitting this now? It's like me waiting until now I could lose a few pounds.


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