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The fact is, people with jobs hate to be told by druggies and treehuggers that they are mean, despicable capitalists.

True. Norquist is a one issue guy, who would gladly exchange lower taxes for a military the French would find weak. It ain't that easy. However, his point is clear, the CBO is rarely even close to accurate, but they're "approval" makes things easier.

Almost certainly the most fluff filled, cliche ridden article of the spring...until the next one.

While I'm on the subject of annoying, poorly thought out ads, the latest Nationwide one has the guy rhyming "retired" and "tired." The same sound does not constitute a rhyme, a similar sound does. It's very lazy and tells me the fella singing the "improvised jingle" probably doesn't even have investments, never mind Nationwide's awesome ones*. *Ramblings is not a paid shill for Nationwide...but it could be. Email me. 

Matt Damon has a net worth of $120M, and he says we can "end the water crisis" by purchasing an overpriced marketing Stella Artois drinking vessel for $13 so they can donate $6 to, which spends less of its money on its actual purpose than the much maligned Wounded Warrior Project, and uses 11% of its money to...advertise and ask for more money, of which they will use 11% of t...

FYI, I got Wichita State over Kentucky. And Michigan State shocking the world over Kansas. No, I did not have the Badgers winning yesterday.

So Al, whatcha watching? Oh, just another shi#%y Big Ten team beating a #2 seed. The perennial "Big Ten is having a down year" discussion that we have in early March, every single year.

One has to wonder if Chuck Berry would have had the influence he did if his cousin Marvin had not called him after hearing Marty McFly perform at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

ESPN finally discovers what everyone in WI were talking about last week...the Badgers were way under seeded, how in the heck were they seeded lower than Minnesota and Maryland, and the NCAA needs to quit using RPI because while it has always been outdated, it's now just embarrassing, with far better analytical systems readily available online. ...

From the "gee, I never did the math department"...the Badgers are now 5-1 the last 4 years versus 1 and 2 seeds .

Always negative, always insist the sky is falling.

The sickening thing is, they aren't even bothering to hide their extreme bias anymore. Dershowitz has been doing a fine job actually explaining the law of late, sans politics.

New slogan. The few. The proud. The very Caucasian. The LDS. 

Still trying to convince everyone he's not an unpatriotic fool. An intelligent person keeps unpopular opinions to himself. Attention whores do not. Not many teams even pretend to want an attention whore, underachieving ones even moreso. The hell with him.

To me, this takes a back seat to our man made climate change crisis. This germ theory and hand washing stuff...just a fad.


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