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Just noticed that the LA Chargers will play in Stub Hub Center next season, which is a MLS stadium that holds about 30K. I realize that an NFL team could make a huge profit by playing to a nonexistent crowd given their TV contract, but that's barely half as big a capacity of the next smallest.

Hmmm. Bernie's utopia doesn't really look all that utopian once you take a gander at it.

Vegas Raiders. I feel badly for Oakland, but when Clark County is spending $2B and Oakland needs baseball and football stadiums and like the rest of California, is broke...whatcha gonna do? 

A quick look at Brewers' top prospects.

Liberal urban areas losing citizens? Moving to conservative suburbs and rural areas? Gee, I wonder why? I, for one, am puzzled why anyone would leave a tax hell with high crime? It's a mystery for the ages.

Too bad the old media could not be bothered to cover this type of real news. Does not fit the narrative.

Why do you think Obama lowered the charitable tax deduction? 1. The Dems want to be the only game in town. 2. They know their programs are not nearly as effective, so they can't compete.

If he earns a third term, Evers said he would continue to push for more state funding for public schools — he is seeking $707 million over the next two years.--JS Heh. Of course he is. Why not $7B? $70B? I mean, let's punish the successful but good!

True. It is learned behavior. If you give someone everyone they need, they'll never learn how to do anything for themselves.

I know, I know!! Because boys are icky.

Gee, I wonder what happened? This is the USA's future without free market capitalism. It ain't a coincidence.

I hate to see Oakland lose the Raiders, but this is what happens when cities/counties and states don't step up. When those who say "let them leave" get their wish, and then it is very, very difficult to get a team back. Ask Seattle how that NBA/NHL search is going to replace the Sonics.

Canadian healthcare? Hope you're patient. Of course, lots of folks come to the USA, where we need to learn from Canada, I'm told. Imagine what the wait would be without those folks coming here...

Trump called two very liberal newspapers right away to ensure they would have to quote him in their story. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. For a darn dope, he does brilliant things. Note that everything he said is almost identical to what I've said often in the past weeks.

Astros have traded minor league C Tyler Heineman to the Brewers. Likely just an organizational move for roster filler, but he's a switch hitter who gets on base and throws out over 40% of basestealers. I assume Stearns knows him from his Astros' days, so while it's likely meaningless, more meaningful than a generic move to fill a roster spot due to association. Glanced at ...

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