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Fact check: True.

The pope is one demented fella. Every time he says something, he loses any credibility he once had.

Very interesting. One of these numbers is all but identical to what I came up with.

DC Everest police officer was shot and killed and 3 civilians killed today, shooter is in custody, but apparently survived.

Supposedly, the House GOP is still working on compromises in order to pick up the support they need. So many are saying it won't pass (or come to a vote) it's difficult to believe they are all wrong. I hated it at first, but now feel it's better than what's currently in place, and supposedly, there's more steps to come. However, if so many intelligent fiscal conservatives are against it, it's difficult to be excited about it passing or upset about it failing. As I have said, I woul...

Two Kings out tonight with injuries, and two out for "rest." I'm sure the Bucks will happily take it. They are not proud, and neither am I.

A police officer and at least two others were shot today in the Rambling area, as every single location is within 10 minutes of the Rambling domicile. By reading between the lines, I would say that number is probably 4, as the shooter's apartment was raided about 5PM by a SWAT team, and several shots were heard on this video. The Salvation Army ...

Yes, there's no one I trust more than the extremely liberal DC elite to monitor the internet for "the truth." Remember, Hillary was the healthiest person on the planet until her security team threw in her in the back of the van like a bag of rock salt. Not only were they used to it, they had seen it so many times, they didn't even bother taking her to the ho...

Can we actually fix how government has ruined health care? I'm a firm believer the free market can fix anything. However, Meghan McCain was right that Obamacare made health care an entitlement, and to many, the government not only owes them healthcare, but needs to pay for it for them as well. The thing that really irritates me is how few people are affected by it, yet the plethora of coverage it gets. ...

The Rambling son and wife are both in lockdown mode after an incident at a local bank today. I blame Trump. EDIT: I was charging my phone and I put it on airplane mode for an hour because I read it charges quicker. Sure enough, it does, but I missed all the action. If I see a lone gunman, I'll call the authorities. 

Brewers release Joba, Webb. They both might well have had opt out dates, a day in their contract where they either had to be added to the 40 man roster, told they had made the 25 man roster, or had the right to choose free agency. Or, the Crew might have just knew they were not in the running for a roster spot (barring injuries) and decided to cut them loose to give them a chance to...

The one thing Tomi Lahren has shown? The pro life folks in the GOP don't seem to be interested in opening their arms and welcoming pro choicers who agree on the entire platform, minus one. I can't see the forest, there's too many trees in the way.

This is what the Dept of Ag spends our money on. The term "money wasted" seems to fit here as it does with most expenditures.

Hollywood is so out of touch with most of the US, it's scary. There are people who will happily pay $30 to see a movie at home before it hits the theaters...but very few of them. To the elites in LA/NY, they know most of them, so they think they are everywhere.

Granted, if there's anyone who understands twisting the truth, Susan Rice is that person. It's like they forget that they lied from the minute they began and continue to this day. Rewriting history is not nearly as effective as they hoped.

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