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Crazy like a fox. They always think he's one step behind, and he's always two steps ahead. Too bad he's so unintelligent. Over the weekend, I read someone say this was Trump's way of proving the old media will report anything without proof. I keep thinking of that too. It sure has brought a lot of "Obama did bug reporters" stories back to the forefront, that was all but ignored at the time.

WBC 2017: Schedule, game times, and TV coverage
This morning while most of San Diego was still asleep, the 2017 World Baseball Classic got underway in Seoul, South Korea. The first and only matchup of the day was between Israel and Korea, with the former winning 2-1 in a ten-inning cont...

Padres vs. White Sox (& Mariners?) Wrap-Up
The Padres played one (or two?) games today, and baseball things happened! The Padres played two split-squad games today. The “B” game was allegedly played at 9AM PST against the

Lucas Erceg homers twice, Milwaukee Brewers slam Indians 14-4
The bats, they have awoken. Box Score Non-roster Spring Training invitee Lucas Erceg launched a sixth inning grand slam to key the

Seattle Mariners are Nine Runs Better Than Texas Rangers
Might as well hand us the pennant now. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself when I realized I was sitting on the couch in a Mariners jersey watching a meaningless Spring Training game. For a second, it had felt like the real deal as Mike B...

Injury News and More from Indians’ Camp in Goodyear
With more than a full week of spring training action now under their belts, baseball season is in full go in Arizona and Florida as Major League squads look to prepare for the pending 2017 regular season grind. In addition ... Read More

Boston Red Sox: Just How Depleted Will the Farm System Get?
Boston Red Sox President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski has shown a willingness to trade top prospects to improve the major league roster. But just how far will he go? Dave Dombrowski has a history of selling minor league talent in order to win at the major league level, and he’s done just that since […] Boston Red Sox: Just How Depleted Will the Farm Sy...

MMO Fan Shot: Retiring #5 Is The Wright Thing To Do
An MMO Fan Shot by Rich Glanzer Smart people say dumb things. That was my thought as I saw a Facebook post stating that David Wright might not have his number retired because he is not headed to Cooperstown. The author insinuated the Mets have an unofficial policy of only retiring numbers who have received […]

Brad Ausmus admits Tigers’ pitching needs to improve
The Tigers have lost six games in a row largely due to lackluster command and declining velocity Something’s gotta give. That’s the bottom line when it comes to what the Tigers are seeing out of their ...

It’s time for the Yankees to relax their hair policy
Without fail, whenever the Yankees trade a player away or let him walk as a free agent, that player shows up to his new team with longer hair and a beard. Happens all the time. Same thing in the offseason too. Players go home for the winter and skip shaving every day. I don’t blame […] The post It’s time for the Yankees to relax their hair p...

2016 Leaf Trinity Baseball - All the Dodger Cards
Why do you do this Leaf? We are already in the mist of spring training for the upcoming 2017 season, and Leaf (for whatever reason) sees fit to release a brand new Baseball card set that they call 2016 Leaf Trinity. 2016? Come on, now! I get that many of the players in the set were drafted by their teams in 2016, but that doesn't mean it's appropriate to call this a 2016 Baseball card set when it actually hits stores the following year.  ...

Fact check: True. When every Republican is Hitler, none of them are Hitler. They'll be yearning for Trump in a few years, as he's by far the most moderate of any of them...they are just too busy freaking out to notice. It's just like an old girlfriend, no matter how miserable you are when you're dating, you still miss their good points when you break up. As I have said a couple times in the past 72 hours, I find it f...

The Rambling son was told to shred some documents when he got home from school. I was unaware of that, however, and for 30 seconds, kept hearing the start and stop of the shredder. It's amazing how many strange things a shredder can sound like when you have no idea what it is. Chain saw? Vacuum? Malfunctioning dishwasher?

The Crawfish Boxes 2017 Top 30 Astros Prospects breakdown podcasts
Chris and Brooks couldn’t meet at the same time so we had them on for their own hour podcasts.

Orioles spring training: Dylan Bundy still working with the cutter
Last week, there were vague yet ominous concerns about Dylan Bundy using the cutter. In Monday’s Orioles game, he threw it and doesn’t sound worried. One of the bigger questions facing the Orioles for the upcoming se...

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