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Cubs Project to Have One of the Easier Paths to the Playoffs
Compared to the average team, it's like the Cubs get an extra two wins for free. NEAT! [To read the post, head over to Bleacher Nation. To stay free for readers to enjoy, BN is supported by ads. In a full-content RSS feed, that is not possible. I hope you understand and keep on reading at BN.]

Spring Training Game Thread: Green’s Second Start
The Yankees return to television today, thankfully, and rotation candidate Chad Green will be making his second Grapefruit League start. It’s his second start and third appearance. As I mentioned in today’s mailbag, there doesn’t seem to be a standout among the rotation candidates thus far, but there are still three weeks to go before […] The post

Friday chat reminder
Happy Friday everyone. The Yankees are playing this afternoon and the regular game thread will be along shortly. The chat starts at 2:30pm ET. See you then. The post Friday chat reminder appeared first on River Avenue Blues.

Blog Kiosk: 3/10/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Spring Odds and Ends
Above is an example of what avid Baseball fans had to do to ke...

Spring training game thread: Yankees at Phillies
Phillies send Clay Buchholz to the hill for his third appearance this spring. He’ll look to improve on his last start where he gave up 4 runs (including 2 HR) in 3 innings. He’ll oppose 25 year old righty, Chad Green. J.P. Crawford and Scott Kingery get the start in the middle infield, giving this...

If one wonders how far downhill BP has gone, read this piece and just try to make it all the way through. It's completely unfunny, and meant to be satire, but it's as dry as dust. Simply put, painfully awful drivel.

Note that the states with no or low income tax seem to be doing just as well as those with very high income taxes. And CA is spending too much despite having all that extra cash...imagine that. It's not a revenue issue. I compare it to families that make $100K and take vacations all over the globe and buy a new car every couple years, versus the one that makes $40K and watches every penny, living a far simpler lifestyle, avoidi...

My first thought when I head Radio Shack's 2nd bankruptcy? They're still in business?

Low interest is stellar for homeowners and businesses looking to expand, but sucks for savers. Many of my clients thought they would just live off their interest, assuming it would be 10% or more. They were incorrect. And, notice how no one said a word about this for 8 years. Oh the problems we have now that we have a Republican in office.

Rockies’ Chad Bettis will undergo additional chemotherapy after cancer spread
Bettis was made aware this week of the need for additional treatment. Colorado Rockies pitcher Chad Bettis’ testicular cancer has spread, and he will be starti...

Rockies’ Carlos Gonzalez fares well in Football Friday’s new projection system
Fed up with the projection systems’ hatred of the Rockies? Football Friday has an answer: NERDS. Hello and welcome to Football Friday, Season Two. After five short months off, the Football Friday team is back to present a second season of the best baseball coverage and content you can...

Spring Training GameThread No.13: Houston Astros at New York Mets
Is Tebow playing? Houston Astros (4-6-2) vs. New York Mets SS (8-5-1), March 10, 2017, 12:10 PM CT TV: None

Minor League Ball Community Projection: Gary Sanchez, C, New York Yankees
Superstar? Decent player? Somewhere in between? You decide! A popular feature early in the development of Minor League Ball was the “Community projection.” I want to revive that as it was a good way to encourage discussion and thinking about a player while also building up a sen...

Andrew Benintendi community projection results
How the community views his future Here are the Minor League Ball Community Projection results for Boston Red Sox rookie outfielder Andrew Benintendi: We had ten entries. The results: 141 games, 523 at-bats, 86 runs, 151 hits, 32 doubles, 5 triples, 15 homers, 51 walks, 87 strike...

From the Crow’s Nest: Louisville LHP/1B Brendan McKay
This week, we’re looking at college baseball’s best two-way player One of my favorite things about college baseball is the presence of truly dominant two-way players. I can’t stress enough how riveting it is to watch your starting center fielder go 4-for-4 with a dinger and a couple dazz...

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