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In the new book “Glory Days in Tribe Town” (softcover $15.95 / 336 pages / ebook $9.99), Terry Pluto teams up with legendary broadcaster Tom Hamilton to tell the story of the Cleveland Indians of the 1990s. The book also ... Read More

There's no confirmation yet that they'll talk *to* Martinez. But, if they want to, it doesn't sound like they'll have any hurdles. [To read the post, head over to Bleacher Nation. To stay free for readers to enjoy, BN is supported by ads. In a ...

The Giants‘ pre-season efforts to extend Pablo Sandoval were more aggressive than had previously been known, according to a

Picking between two fantasy defenses? Need to select one off the waiver wire? Jacob Adler explains his top picks for this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate. I am thankful for many things, but one thing I am not thankful for ...

Thanksgiving to all! Armando has provided some players he would start and some players he would sit to help fantasy owner's decision easier. Armando Marsal Fantasy Writer Quarterbacks Start Em Ben Roethlisberger, PIT vs. NO - The

I'd like to extend a happy Thanksgiving greeting to you and yours. Happy Holiday Folks!

Would you vote Barry Bonds into the Hall of Fame? Next up is the poster boy for PEDs Barry Bonds. Baseball must be the only sport whose best player isn't in the Hall of Fame (well maybe 2nd or 3rd best)....

FYI, the Badgers play on ESPN at 2PM or thereabouts today. They are a nine point favorite over Georgetown.

Happy Thanksgiving Al to you and your family! I'm late with the week 12 results because I'm up at the hunting camp all week.  No running water, no internet access, and spotty phone service.  Came into town to take a shower at the laun...

Happy Thanksgiving to those who continue to check out Ramblings. While the masses have chosen to focus their mock outrage on the fact that some retail workers have to work today, they seem to forget that many people; those who volunteer to de...

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Manny Being Manny: An Excerpt of “Glory Days in Tribe Town”
In the new book “Glory Days in Tribe Town” (softcover $15.95 / 336 pages / ebook $9.99), Terry Pluto teams up with legendary broadcaster Tom Hamilton to tell the story of the Cleveland Indians of the 1990s. The book also ... Read More

The Cubs Will Talk About Dave Martinez, Rays Won’t Stand in the Way
There's no confirmation yet that they'll talk *to* Martinez. But, if they want to, it doesn't sound like they'll have any hurdles. [To read the post, head over to Bleacher Nation. To stay free for readers to enjoy, BN is supported by ads. In a ...

Week 13 Start Em, Sit Em
Thanksgiving to all! Armando has provided some players he would start and some players he would sit to help fantasy owner's decision easier. Armando Marsal Fantasy Writer Quarterbacks Start Em Ben Roethlisberger, PIT vs. NO - The

Week 13 D/ST Rankings
Picking between two fantasy defenses? Need to select one off the waiver wire? Jacob Adler explains his top picks for this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate. I am thankful for many things, but one thing I am not thankful for ...

NL Notes: Sandoval, Tomas, Phillies, Marlins
The Giants‘ pre-season efforts to extend Pablo Sandoval were more aggressive than had previously been known, according to a

Happy Thanksgiving
I'd like to extend a happy Thanksgiving greeting to you and yours. Happy Holiday Folks!

Hall of Fame Poll: Barry Bonds
Would you vote Barry Bonds into the Hall of Fame? Next up is the poster boy for PEDs Barry Bonds. Baseball must be the only sport whose best player isn't in the Hall of Fame (well maybe 2nd or 3rd best)....

Happy Thanksgiving to those who continue to check out Ramblings. While the masses have chosen to focus their mock outrage on the fact that some retail workers have to work today, they seem to forget that many people; those who volunteer to de...

Happy Thanksgiving Al to you and your family! I'm late with the week 12 results because I'm up at the hunting camp all week.  No running water, no internet access, and spotty phone service.  Came into town to take a shower at the laun...

FYI, the Badgers play on ESPN at 2PM or thereabouts today. They are a nine point favorite over Georgetown.

On this Thanksgiving, what should Mets fans be thankful for?
Despite the team's issues on the field since 2007, there's still plenty for Mets fans to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving. What are you most thankful for? It's been a struggle for the Mets and their fanbase throughout the most recent s...

Ten things the Marlins and Marlins fans should be thankful for
The purpose of Thanksgiving is to show appreciation, and say thanks for baseball. What do Marlins fans have to be thankful for? With fire sales and front office miscues in the Marlins' history, it may not appear ther...

Happy holiday guys. [Photo Credit: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

Happy Thanksgiving from Minor League Ball
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, from all the staff at Minor League Ball. What are you thankful for this year?  My own list: Today I am thankful for the fact that I have the best wife in the universe. I am thankful for my children. I am tha...

A Cubs Fan's Thanksgiving
I wrote one of these a number of years ago, but haven't recently. It's time that trend stopped. We all have our reasons we got hooked on baseball. No specific reasons are better than others. Each story is as individual as the person with t...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Just been bouncing around.  I'll be around soon to talk about fun stuff like Should they sign/trade Ian Desmond? Should they sign/trade Jordan Zimmermann? Should they sign/trade Doug Fister?Should they sign/trade Stephen Strasburg?Should the...

Baseball Stew: Bud Selig wasn’t baseball’s best commissioner ever
Not too long ago Harold Reynolds chimed in with his take on departing baseball commissioner Bud Selig, calling him the best commissioner of all-time. I think he stated Selig was “without doubt number one,” or words to that effect. Now, if Rey...

Writing opportunities: Join us at Call to the Pen
Covering all of the news, rumors, and speculation that comes with the MLB hot stove season is no easy task, creating plenty of writing opportunities here on our team at Call to the Pen. We’re looking to add a number of writers to the mix, espe...

Miami might pursue Brandon Moss
The Marlins are looking for a first baseman, and the Oakland Athletic provides power and adds a left-handed bat to the lineup. After extending Giancarlo Stanton, the Marlins have shifted their attention to trying to find a first baseman. Miami ...

Happy Thanksgiving, Nation
A Cincinnati Thanksgiving tradition … Continue reading →

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