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Plan 'B' stands for Billy Butler. It's no secret that the Tigers' biggest priority this offseason will be to re-sign Victor Martinez. In fact, that task might be written in large ...

2014 Ryan Howard was bad. How bad? So bad. Ryan Howard was a disaster in 2014. We all know this. There really isn't a better way to say this. His triple slash line was .223/.310/.380/.690. He still had some pop in his bat, as evidenced by...

Mets Rumors: Andy Martino of the New York Daily...

Miguel Cabrera underwent surgery to remove bone spur and repair a stress fracture. Screws were inserted and Cabrera's off-season workouts are at a halt until further notice. DETROIT — The Tigers stated during the season that they were st...

Atlanta has hired several more prominent scouts as they continue to revamp their talent evaluation. For those of us excited about prospects, or who just like to see the Braves succeed, it seems like each day brings more good news from the...

Today's lessons include a new pitching coach, Gold Glove finalists, and much more. Darnell Coles was named as the new hitting coach for the Brewers. Two weeks ago, the Brewers announced that Ron Roenicke would return and that hitting coac...

Lorenzo Cain has been a huge part of Kansas City's success due to his baserunning, ability to hit for average, and superlative glovework. Kansas City Royals outfielder Lorenzo Cain was the MVP of the Amer...

There is a lot of unwarranted criticism any manager receives. However it's not all coming from the Joe Rockhead faction that Brad Ausmus intimated in a recent interview. Brad Ausmus had an interesting rookie season as an MLB manager. He ha...

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With John Hart in the fold, Coppolella looks to be the next general manager. Braves News: John Hart; President of Baseball Operations

Recent Entries
MMO Mailbag: Where Are Alderson’s Draft Picks?
Gregg asks… I read that the Mets have drafted a greater percentage of high school players during the last three drafts, and have also passed over many supreme college talents in doing so.With many players who were drafted in the years 2011-2...

Kevin Long, Front Office Might Not See Eye-To-Eye
Yesterday the Mets announced the hiring of Kevin Long as the new batting coach (or as they call it hitting instructor). This move makes sense for a number of reasons. On top of that list is the work he did with Curtis Granderson while they were bo...’s Offensive Player of the Year? The Recipient of the MiLBY? Do I Really Need to Say It?
It rhymes with Fiss Pyant. That sounds like the lead character in a really bad detective novel. Don't mess with ole Fiss. [To read the post, head over to Bleacher Nation. To stay free for readers to enjoy, BN is supported by ads. In a full-cont...

Phillies CEO Admits Team Not Likely Competitive for Two Years … So, About Cole Hamels
If the Phillies rebuild, starting this offseason, you can expect there to be plenty of Cubs-Hamels rumors. [To read the post, head over to Bleacher Nation. To stay free for readers to enjoy, BN is supported by ads. In a full-content RSS feed, t...

Miguel Cabrera undergoes ankle surgery for bone spurs, stress fracture
Miguel Cabrera underwent surgery to remove bone spur and repair a stress fracture. Screws were inserted and Cabrera's off-season workouts are at a halt until further notice. DETROIT — The Tigers stated during the season that they were st...

Billy Butler could be a cheaper alternative to Victor Martinez at designated hitter in 2015
Plan 'B' stands for Billy Butler. It's no secret that the Tigers' biggest priority this offseason will be to re-sign Victor Martinez. In fact, that task might be written in large ...

Stacks Upon Stacks
Analysis by Justin Bales Daily fantasy football is all about optimizing your lineups; finding the best stack, using contrarian plays, etc. One of the best...

No Puns For Ian Kinsler
After yesterday’s mostly unpopular Chase Utley pun, I’m going to play the old politician’s card and stick to the facts. Right, “facts.” In any case, here we have a guy named Ian Kinsler, one who developed a bit of a i...

College Football Cheatsheet & Analysis: Week 9
Cheatsheet and Analysis by Pat James Grab this week’s cheatsheet (click the big blue button that says “Week 9 CFB Cheatsheet”). Follow Pat on Twitter

Kris Bryant Wins 2014 MiLBY for Best Offensive Player
Kris Bryant can add another post-season award to his trophy case. Bryant was named the Best Offensive Player in the Minors by the staff of on Friday morning. Bryant was not the fan’s choice for the award. The Padres’ Mallex Smith ran...

Andrew Friedman Got A Record Contract And His First Taste Of How Things Will Be Different In LA
Well, we knew the Los Angeles Dodgers threw a lot of money at Andrew Friedman to entice him to leave the Rays. Now we know exactly how much and it is a record. According to Buster Olney of ESPN, Friedman’s contract with the Dodgers is 5-year...

Braves Continue Bolstering Scouting Department
Atlanta has hired several more prominent scouts as they continue to revamp their talent evaluation. For those of us excited about prospects, or who just like to see the Braves succeed, it seems like each day brings more good news from the...

Nine to Know: Red Sox Stats Pack – Fair Weather Edition
Can you imagine if the Sox were in the World Series this year? Okay, perhaps only someone with J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter-like imagination can go that far. But I was referring to the Nor‘easter we’ve had this week.

I promise you the Brewers are one of them. Remember, a few years ago, the Brewers tried to swing a trade to the Jays for Lind and a CF for Hardy. Add that to the fact Jason Rogers hits LHP and can handle a bench spot, Lind would be a near perfect...

What we learned: October 24, 2014
Today's lessons include a new pitching coach, Gold Glove finalists, and much more. Darnell Coles was named as the new hitting coach for the Brewers. Two weeks ago, the Brewers announced that Ron Roenicke would return and that hitting coac...

Phil Plantier and biorhythms
Phil Plantier's 1994 Topps card is a classic. The anguished photo of him on the front cements that, but as is often the case, the back is what really got my attention.

New York Minute
So good.  Photo Credit: Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times]

Morning Art
“The Portrait” by Rene Magritte (1935)

Where & When: Season 2!
Greetings ladies and gents and welcome to a new season of Where and When! No,...

Tools made good: the case of Lorenzo Cain
Lorenzo Cain has been a huge part of Kansas City's success due to his baserunning, ability to hit for average, and superlative glovework. Kansas City Royals outfielder Lorenzo Cain was the MVP of the Amer...

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